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Third Google Startup Accelerator opens applications for Middle East and North Africa

Google has launched applications for the third iteration of its Businesses Accelerator: Middle East and North Africa programme, which provides mentorship and assistance from Google specialists to startups in the Middle East and North Africa.

The three-month digital programme, which begins in January of next year, is aimed at seed to Series A IT companies. Twelve firms from Egypt (ElCoach, FreshSource, Hekouky, and Zammit) and Morocco (ElCoach, FreshSource, Hekouky, and Zammit) just graduated from the program’s second iteration (MyTindy).

“It’s always an honour to witness the level of passion and confidence the startups have as they work towards making their dreams a reality,” said Salim Abid, Google’s regional lead of developer ecosystem in MENA, about the 12 graduating companies.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how they continue to use technology to solve challenges in their communities and, most importantly, their sustainable growth in the tech ecosystem.”

Google will examine the problem the business is seeking to solve, how it generates value for consumers, and how it tackles a real difficulty for the startup’s local city, nation, or the MENA region as a whole when reviewing candidates for the third edition. It also considers if the firm intends to use AI/ML technology in its offering.

Mentorship on both technical and business issues is provided to participating firms, as well as training on machine learning technologies, product design/UX, customer acquisition, and leadership development. They’ll also receive one-on-one mentoring from Google specialists and other stakeholders after the programme concludes to help them pitch to investors.


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