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To recognize new pan-African strategy, Cape Innovation and Technology Initiative renamed itself to UVU Africa

The Cape Innovation and Technology (CiTi), which ranks alongside its Bandwidth Barn as Africa’s oldest technology incubator, has changed its name to UVU Africa to reflect its new pan-African strategy.

Since its founding in 1999, CiTi has had a significant effect on the development of the Cape Town and South African technology and startup ecosystems. CiTi collaborates with the government, academia, industry, and society to encourage inclusive growth of the digital economy.

The newly rebranded UVU Africa is expanding and developing its work across the African continent with the goal of having an impact in several African countries over the next 20 years. An event earlier this week to celebrate the rebrand was attended by 200 ecosystem partners, government supporters, and funders.

“UVU Africa will continue to design and build future-fit-inclusive societies through innovation and technology. We drive inclusive growth of the digital economy through business incubation, skills development, and through key projects that catalyse open innovation and collaboration. We build future societies, today, across Africa,” said Joshin Raghubar, chairman of UVU Africa.

The brand vision of UVU Africa aims to build a strong modern African brand that is inspirational, aspirational, and trustworthy while also embodying the organization’s inclusive ideals. UVU Africa’s core principles are represented through the brand values. They serve as the compass to direct the brand story, activities, and behaviors as a fundamental component of the brand.

The organization also unveiled a brand-new 250 m2 cutting-edge biotech laboratory and a new innovation hub in Cape Town, both of which will help the region’s biotech industry flourish and its tech and innovation ecosystem.

“Our interventions and impact stretch from Khayelitsha to Kigali, and I believe that our new brand now reflects both our current reach, and our aspirations. Participation in the digital economy, by our talented youth, is critical for Africa to be able to unlock its true economic potential. Our programmes are designed to accelerate digital inclusion across Africa,” said Ian Merrington, group CEO of UVU Africa.

“Thematic clustering across areas such as biotech and ed-tech, coupled with digital and entrepreneurial skills building, has proven to be a successful formula for accelerating economic growth and enabling greater economic participation on the continent. The launch of our new East Africa office in Kigali Rwanda enables us to strengthen and build on our partnerships and collaborations across Africa, and I have no doubt that UVU Africa will be at the center of Africa’s digital economic growth.”




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