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To scale its cloud kitchen biz into 50 new locations in Indonesia, Yummy Corp extends its Series B round

Sembrani Nusantara, a fund managed by BRI Ventures, has invested in Yummy Corp., the company behind the Indonesian cloud cooking brand Yummykitchen, to extend its Series B round.

In September 2020, Yummykitchen received US$12 million in Series B funding headed by Softbank Ventures Asia.

The additional funds will be used to expand the company into 50 new sites across Indonesia.

Yummykitchen is an online catering business that offers unique solutions for corporates and food and beverage brands. It was founded in June 2019. The company lends out shared cooking space and handles operational processes for partner companies.

Yummykitchen now has over 70 cloud kitchens in Jabodetabek, Medan, and Bandung, and works with over 50 food and beverage companies like Dailybox, Ponut Donut Kentang, Gaaram, Kyochon, Sei Sapi Lamalera, Wanfan, and North Pole Gelato.

In addition to Yummykitchen, the company is developing a foodcourt management company that will be linked to internet sales.

Mario Suntanu, CEO of Yummy Corp., said: “During the pandemic, the number of Yummykitchen transactions grew 7x compared to March 2020. This growth validates our belief in the vast potential of online food delivery, which seems to be booming early due to the pandemic.

Nicko Widjaja, CEO of BRI Ventures, said: “Now is the right time for us to encourage platform growth for MSMEs through funding to the new retail sector. Yummy Corp has helped MSMEs to survive the pandemic crises and continue to expand their business opportunities.”

Indonesia is home to a number of cloud kitchen startups. The other major competitor in this field is Hangry. Hangry raised US$13 million in a Series A investment headed by Alpha JWC Ventures in May of this year.

BRI Venture has invested in five firms since founding Sembrani Nusantara in early 2021: Sayurbox, Haus!, Brodo, Andalin, and Yummy Corp.


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