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Transitry, climate technology firm received $600k Pre-seed funding

Climate-tech company Transitry, based in Singapore, announced that it had successfully raised $600,000 in its Pre-Seed funding round.

In a statement, Transitry listed notable investors who participated in the round, including Info Edge Ventures, Plug & Play, Antler, and angel investors.

According to the statement, this sizeable infusion of cash propels Transitry to the top of the carbon credit market, solidifying its position as a top supplier of cutting-edge digital measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) solutions.

Transitry claimed that with the funding in place, carbon governance is strengthened and access to green finance is made possible for decarbonization projects that are successful.

In the future, Transitry said it is committed to growing its product line, promoting the widespread use of eco-friendly practices, and aggressively pursuing new funding opportunities.

As part of its strategy to promote systemic change and build a sustainable future, the company also intends to form partnerships with like-minded organizations and research institutions.

Co-Founder and CEO of Transitry, he emphasized the company’s dual emphasis on environmental impact and financial success.

“We are creating a business that holds immense potential for climate impact while maintaining strong financial fundamentals,

“As we raise new funds, our priorities include expanding our team and directing our efforts towards data and risk analytics, generative artificial intelligence (AI) for carbon credit origination, and carbon project management,” he added.

Vishan, the co-founder and chief operating officer of Transitry, added that this funding round is an important turning point for the company as it pursues its goal of having a significant impact on global climate action.

“With these funds, we are poised to further innovate and expand our climate-tech solutions, empowering organizations to embrace sustainable practices,” he added.

A company specializing in climate technology called Transitry offers cutting-edge digital MRV solutions.




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