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$1.12 M Seed funding raised by digital private debt platform Kilde

The Singapore-based digital private debt platform Kilde revealed on Tuesday that Big Sky Capital, Borderless Capital, AXL Ventures, Algorand Foundation, and angel investors had invested $1.12 million in a seed round.

In a statement, Kilde said that the secured seed funding will allow Kilde to quicken its growth trajectory and expand the development of its unique technology.

With the help of this investment, Kilde hopes to improve the functionality of its platform, scale its business, and broaden its customer base.

The funding round also gives Kilde the ability to spearhead the creation of its newest flagship project, SafeBay.

“We are thrilled to have secured this seed round funding, which reflects the confidence of our investors in our vision and business model,” said Radek Jezbera, Chief Executive Officer of Kilde.

He claims that the firm has seen a rise in family offices’ and high-net-worth individuals’ (HNWIs’) interest in private credit investments in 2023.

“Greater liquidity from investors allows us to focus on larger deals and negotiate better terms,” he added.

According to the statement, which cited Prequin, private credit has grown alongside the growth of private equity over the past ten years because it provides a variety of strategies and entry points for investors of all types, and as of April 2022, there were more than $1 trillion in outstanding allocations.

Kilde is a platform that facilitates access to private credit deals for investors and gives them more security through revenue-generating collateral.

The company operates a specialized investment platform for both individuals and organizations.

Investors can gain access to a diverse portfolio of consumer and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) lending companies by subscribing to bonds issued by Kilde’s borrowers.

Receivables from the underlying loans, which generate cash flow, act as additional security for the bonds.

Kilde is a registered Exempted Financial Adviser under the Securities and Futures Act and has a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore to deal in capital markets products.

The past three quarters have proven to be the most conservative for investors,

“Robust solutions like Kilde provide diverse investment opportunities regardless of market conditions,” said Big Sky Capital Managing Partner Jahn Karsybaev.




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