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$1 M raised by Nigerian digital commerce startup OurPass in pre-seed round

In Africa, OurPass provides one-click checkout technology, which allows consumers to purchase fast and efficiently, minimizing abandoned carts and improving revenue for businesses.

“OurPass is entirely consumer-facing and invests heavily in its users’ privacy and data security. We don’t act as the merchants’ customers database, we just try to inject consumers faster and easier than they ever have, thereby increasing sales,” said founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Samuel Chukwunonso Eze.

“Merchants, on the other hand, just need to sign up on our web platform, provide their KYC and install the OurPass checkout button for consumers to shop from them in one click.”

The company’s debut is supported by a US$1 million pre-seed round led by Tekedia Capital and featuring angel investors from Fortune 500 organizations. This financing will also enable OurPass to add more employees and improve its technology.

Furthermore, the company has acquired Storemia, an e-commerce solutions platform that helps small companies get online by making it faster and easier for them to set up online storefronts. OurPass will be able to reach out to more small online companies and customers as a result of the purchase.


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