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100X.VC led Pre-seed funding secured by outbound calling solutions provider Vodex

Vodex, a provider of outbound calling solutions, has raised $320K in a pre-seed round headed by 100X.VC. The first institutional investor to fund Vodex was 100X.VC. Following the 100X.VC pitch event, Yash Kotak, Ram Kumar, and Devansh Alijar made additional investments in the business.

According to a press release from Vodex, the company intends to use the money for product development and business growth.

Anshul Shrivastava and Kumar Saurav co-founded Vodex in June 2022. Vodex uses generative AI to empower businesses with effective and scalable pre-sales and tele-calling operations, maximizing sales, marketing, lead generation, and feedback calling services, and advancing voice industry innovation. Fintech, BFSI, call centers, and healthcare are just a few examples.

Without increasing their workforce, businesses can broaden their reach, produce more high-quality leads, connect with more prospective clients, and close more deals. More than 10,000 calls can allegedly be placed in less than an hour, according to the company.

The company currently has over 30 customers in over 5 different countries.

100X.In a recent announcement, VC stated that Class 09 had funded 22 startups. AbCoffee, Airbook, Bansiwala, BreatheESG, and Rannkly are a few of the noteworthy startups in Class 09, among others.




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