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$200 M women’s healthcare fund launched by private investment firm Recharge Capital

Private investment company Recharge Capital, with offices in Singapore and New York, announced on Thursday that the first tranche of its $200 million Women’s Healthcare Investment Vehicle had been successfully closed.

Recharge Capital stated in a statement that the vehicle was supported by funding from illustrious investors including Peter Thiel of Thiel Capital, The Olayan Family of the Olayan Group, Blue Lion Group, The Al Rashid Family of the Salmira Investment Fund, Shamrock Holdings of the Disney Family, The Ozmen Family of the Sierra Nevada Corporation, Ian Osborne of Hedosophia, Frank Liu of Texas-based Lovett, and other well-known investment groups.

The first tranche closure uses a novel private equity structure, rather than the conventional capital call model, to align investors with a milestone-driven deployment schedule and presents detailed multi-year execution plans, according to the statement.

The vehicle will help to maximize thematically based investments and pave the way for industry-wide transformation in the field of women’s healthcare.

Also mentioned is the fact that the funds raised will be strategically used to invest in, roll up, and build an entire ecosystem for the value chain of women’s fertility in Southeast Asia, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.

Menstrual health, women’s disease prevention, and international fertility medical tourism will be the main areas of emphasis.

With the help of digital platforms and regional clinic chains, Recharge Capital aims to completely integrate disruptive technologies, diagnostic solutions, and seamless patient experiences.

“Women’s healthcare, within our thematic-first investment framework, holds tremendous potential for both substantial growth and positive societal impact, as it addresses the needs of half of the global population,” said Lorin Gu, Founding Partner of Recharge Capital.

“With the support of our strategic partners and a team of expert investors, we are thrilled to spearhead global women’s healthcare and fertility through an innovative investment and operating structure that fosters effective value creation,” he added.

The Sector Integration Vehicle, created by Recharge Capital, uses a milestone-driven approach, assuring investors of transparency and outlining clear execution plans.

Assets from Singapore, Southeast Asia, Mexico, the United States, Israel, and Taiwan are currently held by the holding company.

The field of women’s healthcare is essential to addressing the urgent fertility issues that face our society today.

According to Recharge Capital, this newly formed holding company will deal with current bottlenecks in women’s healthcare and fertility services across several important international markets.

The company’s goal is to improve patient care globally by effectively integrating and scaling new technology and diagnostic solutions, it said.




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