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$350k funding received by Egyptian food delivery startup Bonbell

A first $350,000 fundraising round has been concluded by Egyptian startup Bonbell, a smartphone app with a focus on food ordering and digital solutions for bookings for tables and meals. The money will be used to expand the company’s user base and continue to improve its services.

Bonbell, a meal ordering service that was introduced at the beginning of this year, offers a variety of services, including dine-in ordering, restaurant reservations, and food delivery. There are already 12,000 users of the app, which provides a variety of payment methods using cash or credit cards.

Bonbell now intends to have 750 partner restaurants by the end of 2022 thanks to the US $350,000 fundraising round from a Canadian angel investor. The US $10 million seed round will be closed before the end of the year through negotiations with two venture capital funds.

“We aim to help restaurants in offering an easier food ordering experience to their customers, either through food delivery or reserving a table in the restaurant, as well as take away orders and also the special orders made by customers in their restaurants,” said Doaa Abdel-Hameed, Bonbell’s chief business officer.

“We pursue a better experience for the Egyptian user in food ordering, we see a lot of potential and opportunities to do that through developing the app constantly based on the user reviews, and adding more restaurants in all the Egyptian governorates.”




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