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$70 M secured by Indonesia’s Deliveree in Gobi, SPIL led Series C round

Deliveree, an Indonesian logistics startup, has secured US $70 million in a Series C round headed by SPIL Ventures and Gobi Partners, a venture capital firm that specializes in the digital supply chain.

Deliveree has now received US $109 million in total over the last five years thanks to the round, which also included current investor Inspire Ventures.

The firm will utilize the money to grow into other market segments and offer containerized freight solutions as part of its expanded service offering. Additionally, funding will be used to improve assistance for Deliveree’s approximately 25,000 corporate clients.

In a statement, Tom Kim, co-founder and CEO of Deliveree, stated that the industry, which sometimes lags behind technologically, is going through a transformative period for logistics in Southeast Asia.

Over the past 24 months, Deliveree’s gross transaction value increased by 3.2x, and by the end of 2022, it is expected to surpass $100 million USD.

Deliveree was established in 2015 and now has operations in the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. It provides a “logistics supermarket” of transportation and cargo shipping options.

In a series B round in 2020, the firm raised US $18.5 million, and in a series A round in 2017, it received US $14.5 million. Ever since Deliveree raised money in its Series A round, Gobi Partners and Inspire Ventures have invested.




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