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Accel and Square Peg led $7.5 M raised by Chronicle

An initial fundraising round headed by Accel and Square Peg netted Chronicle, a provider of presentation software, $7.5 million. Moreover, angel investors from Apple, Google, Meta, Slack, Stripe, Superhuman, OnDeck, and Adobe participated in the round.

According to a news statement from Chronicle, the firm intends to use the cash obtained to create new products and add staff.

Chronicle, which Mayuresh Patole and Tejas Gawande co-founded, allows users to quickly build presentations using “pre-designed blocks” or templates. It offers a dummy-proof creating experience with layouts created like organizing widgets on an iPhone, allowing users to build their tales using pre-designed pieces.

The production process of Chronicle is what sets it apart from competing products, as users no longer have to spend a lot of time formatting shapes and sentences. It is also tailored for storytelling, with a “bite-sized” and mobile-first structure that enables distant and asynchronous collaboration.

Chronicle will eventually monetize through a subscription-based model even though it is still in the pre-revenue stage. It is allegedly simpler to incorporate information from other applications into blocks thanks to the startup’s integration with more than 100 apps, including Twitter, Notion, Slack, and Figma. Prezi, Tome, and Gamma are presentation-tool competitors of Chronicle.




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