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Adatos secures Series A funding for AI-driven remote sensing solution

Adatos, a supplier of AI-driven remote sensing research for agriculture and carbon markets, announced the completion of its Series A round, which included an undisclosed investment from Malaysia’s Genting Plantations.

According to a release, the money would allow Adatos, based in Singapore and the Netherlands, to expand into the palm oil and other agriculture industries, as well as improve its carbon measurement skills.

Adatos, founded in 2015 by CEO Jonathan Paul and CTO Drew Perez, employs artificial intelligence to analyze complex open-source satellite data sets and provide operational and strategic insights for agricultural and multi-trillion-dollar carbon markets.

Adatos says that its solution boosts agricultural yields, improves fertilizer efficiency, and improves pest and disease surveillance. In natural forests and peat soils, remote sensing also speeds up and reduces the cost of carbon assessment.

For clients in agricultural production, food processing, forestry, and natural resource management, the business claims to have worked on more than 150 use cases and analyzed over 400 million hectares of assets.

Adatos intends to continue developing additional agricultural applications, such as crop macronutrient monitoring and remote yield estimate. It also offers worldwide carbon asset monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV) services, including large-scale remote assessments of peat depth and above-ground biomass.

“Since our investment in 2016, Adatos has demonstrated profitable use cases for advanced AI from agriculture to sustainability,” said Paul Santos, Managing Partner of Wavemaker Partners, an early investor in Adatos.

Genting Plantations, a Genting Berhard company, has large land banks and oil mills in Malaysia and Indonesia and is expanding into downstream palm-based product production. It focuses on the use of precision agriculture to improve the efficiency of the company’s operations.

“Our investment in Adatos and the deployment of its cutting-edge AI will place GENP at the forefront of the Agricultural Technology revolution,” said Tan Kong Han, CEO of Genting Plantations.

Singapore is pursuing the “30 by 30” objective, which aims to increase the agri-food industry’s competency and capacity to provide 30% of nutritional needs locally and sustainably by 2030. Collaboration to boost the growth of AgriTech companies has gained traction since then.


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