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App launched by Hyderabad’s fully electric ride-sharing startup Hala Mobility

On Tuesday, Hala Mobility, a firm that was incubated at T-hub as part of the lab32 project cohort 6, debuted its user application. Principal Secretary (ITE&C) Jayesh Ranjan and several significant ecosystem players attended the event.

At the launch, Hala demonstrated its in-house developed keyless smart app, and Jayesh Ranjan made the first booking. The following launch and demonstration were held to demonstrate how electric bikes may help with inter-campus travel while also reducing pollution on campus.

The programme is slated to begin in December, and anyone on the IIIT-Hyderabad campus will be able to use the free e-bike provided by Hala for the following three months. These smart scooters have smart batteries, and Hala will set up a few recharge stations around campus.

Hala is a 100% electric ride-sharing platform that was established and raised in Hyderabad to address last-mile connectivity issues with the goal of lowering pollution, traffic congestion, and making commuting more affordable.

All the scooters include Bluetooth and GPS, making it simple to unlock the vehicle with a smartphone.

For the recent Dubai Expo 2021 and TiE Sustainability Summit 2021, TSIC assisted a local startup. Srikanth Reddy, Founder and CEO of Hala, spoke during the event, “we are building an ecosystem of electric mobility. Our proprietary AI/ML-enabled tech stack helped us scale up in our B2B landscape and now we want to leverage it to our customers and create an infrastructure that improves the adaption and penetration of electric vehicles. We are planning to deploy 15000 scooters in the next 12 months and will mark our presence in 6 cities.”

Jayesh Ranjan, while congratulating the startup on their launch, said, “it is interesting that Hala decided to extend their services to EV vehicles irrespective of the brand they are associated with, which strengthens the ecosystem further.”




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