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Bboxx acquired Ghana-based solar energy provider PEG Africa

A collaboration between Bboxx and Ghana-based PEG Africa, one of West Africa’s major distributed energy suppliers, solidifies the latter’s position as the continent’s top super platform for vital goods and services.

With operations in four countries, close to 100 service centres, and more than 500 people, PEG is a pioneer in solar energy in West Africa. The company also has one of the largest regional footprints.

Meanwhile, Bboxx has given over 2.5 million individuals access to renewable energy and other items to far. With the addition of PEG, Bboxx’s operational markets will total ten nations, with more than 250 stores, 4,000 employees, and access to new markets in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Mali.

While PEG clients get access to new goods, services, and digitalization with Bboxx Pulse, Bboxx gains from PEG Africa’s operational and credit experience. Financial information isn’t available.

Bboxx’s CEO and co-founder, Mansoor Hamayun, stated that the company was established 12 years ago with the intention of transforming lives and releasing the potential of billions of underserved consumers by providing them with access to fundamental goods and services, such as clean energy, clean cooking, and financial services.




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