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Chope invested $720k in F&B digital payments firm Getz Group

A tech-enabled food and beverage company called Chope has invested US $720,000 (S$1 million) in the F&B digital payments company Getz Group.

Chope hopes to offer end-to-end modules covering every facet of the restaurant business through the agreement, making it possible for customers to use its app to place orders and make payments in restaurants throughout Singapore.

Chope’s platform gives its more than 9,000 restaurant partners the ability to manage tables, make offers, submit menus, and schedule reservations throughout eight cities in the world.

Getz, a Singapore-based ordering service for food and beverage businesses, offers a variety of ordering options, including point of sale systems, online meal delivery, and in-store ordering options.

Chope’s founder and CEO, Arrif Ziaudeen, stated that the firm could offer more complete solutions and more effectively aggregate and automate the food service sector in Asia by integrating ordering and payments through partners like Getz.

Following Chope’s involvement in WhyQ’s series A round, which generated US $360,000 in November 2021, this agreement was made.

Chope and Alipay teamed up in August 2021 to make it possible for F&B companies to create their micro apps on the latter’s platform. The Chinese tech giant also contributed about $15 million in funding to the cooperation.




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