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CrowdPouch clocks Rs 10 crore transactions in 365 days

CrowdPouch clocks Rs 10 crore transactions in 365 daysCrowdPouch, a Bengaluru-based startup has clocked in transactions worth INR 10 Crore in the last year. The startup has created a preselling platform for artists and creators in India to showcase and sell their handcrafted creations. By onboarding thousands of creators and facilitating sales of these exclusive products, even amidst the pandemic, the platform has established a successful model for preselling.

While several sectors like tourism and hospitality took a big hit during the pandemic, the arts and entertainment industry too faced the brunt of Covid-19 restrictions and curbs. However, CrowdPouch brought in a ray of hope to several artists creating handmade products. With thousands of stores, 15000+ product listings and transaction value surpassing INR 10 crore, this preselling platform is here to stay.

More interestingly, CrowdPouch is open to all individuals without insisting on documentation or a registration fee. The startup is backed by Elina Investments, and the 15-member team is working towards empowering creators with an ‘easy-to-access’ and ‘transparent’ marketplace. This way, artists across India, get to set up shop online with CrowdPouch and make their products available to customers all over the world.

Speaking to the team, Shivani Shrivastava, an artist on the platform said, “CrowdPouch has been an excellent preselling platform for me. Due to the active promotion that CrowdPouch does on its social media handles, my customer reach has increased. CrowdPouch has been a convenient platform to upload my products and share them with a wide range of customers. Also, there are many talented artists on the platform who inspire me to create new products and expand my boundaries.”

Adding to that, Vittal Ramakrishna, CEO of CrowdPouch said, “All of us at CrowdPouch truly believe in the power of entrepreneurship of creators. Managing a home, a family, and then spending time creating products with artistic finesse is not an easy task. Every single creator in the country merits a platform to showcase their skill and that’s what drives us here, at CrowdPouch.”


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