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DEBx Medical received $10.82 M investment from TVM Capital Healthcare

An investment of EUR 10 million ($10.82 million) from TVM Capital Healthcare’s TVM Healthcare Afiyah Fund has been made in DEBx Medical, an Amsterdam-based manufacturer of medical devices. TVM Capital Healthcare is a global specialist healthcare private equity firm with offices in Dubai and Singapore.

In a statement, TVM Capital Healthcare stated that its investment in DEBx Medical will allow the business to start commercializing its ground-breaking product for the benefit of patients.

In order to expedite the introduction of its cutting-edge wound care solution to the region, DEBx Medical will invest in the establishment of a regional headquarters and a production facility in MENA.

The 2019-founded company DEBx Medical’s mission is to assist physicians and their patients from the initial stages of diagnosis through treatment, aftercare, and maintenance of a healthy wound bed.

In order to develop and provide a single treatment to eradicate wound infection in a market that has not seen significant innovation in the last 20 years, the company was founded in 2019 by Chief Executive Officer Bert Quint, Prof. Dr. Carlo Bignozzi, and Managing Director Alberto Cogo.

The company has created a ground-breaking product called DEBRICHEM® that provides a better option than current therapies for chronic wounds that don’t heal.

This ground-breaking product removes biofilm and heals wounds that are difficult to heal while being incredibly simple to use.

DEBx Medical, which received CE and ISO approvals in February 2021, has successfully treated more than 5,000 patients and is getting ready to launch its product onto the market.

In the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, where high rates of diabetes compound the issue, chronic wounds are a significant healthcare challenge that affects roughly 2.4 percent of the population over the course of their lifetime.

Wounds that are difficult to heal have the potential to have negative effects on a patient’s health and quality of life while also costing healthcare systems a lot of money.

“With this investment from our TVM Healthcare Afiyah Fund, we will accelerate the market introduction of a product which will transform the management of chronic wounds, and improve the lives of millions of patients,” said Tristan de Boysson, Managing Partner of TVM Capital Healthcare.

He claims that this investment fits into the firm fund’s overall plan to expand access to cutting-edge, world-class healthcare solutions throughout the greater Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

“We are looking forward to working together with the DEBx Medical management team,” he said.

According to Bert Quint, co-founder, and chief executive officer of DEBx Medical, the company was founded with the intention of bringing significant innovation to the wound care market, a sector that has not seen much of it in a very long time.

“Our product, DEBRICHEM®, has the potential to disrupt the chronic wound care market and help patients to heal fast, safely, and effectively. After just one single treatment, more than 90 percent of chronic wounds start healing,

“TVM Capital Healthcare’s investment is a testament to our technology, and we are looking forward to bringing our product to market together,” he said.




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