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Drone logistics startup Skye Air raised $4 M Series A funding

In its Series A round, Skye Air—a SaaS-based provider of autonomous logistics solutions—raised $4 million from investors including Windrose Capital, Venture Catalyst, Chiratae Ventures, Mount Judi Ventures, and Tremis Capital. Faad Capital, Misfits Capital, Hyderabad Angels, Soonicorn Ventures, and other current investors, family offices, and angels also participated in the round.

Chiratae Ventures led Skye Air’s seed round earlier in November 2022, which brought in $1.7 million.

With the additional funds, the startup will be able to extend its last-mile network for healthcare, e-commerce, and fast-commerce deliveries throughout Gurugram and other cities.

Ankit Kumar and Chandra Prakash founded Skye Air, which provides sustainable last-mile logistics solutions to the food, e-commerce, healthcare, and quick-commerce sectors.

For the aforementioned industries, the Delhi, NCR-based company specializes in incorporating drone deliveries as a standard logistics solution.

In addition, Skye Air is the developer of the sophisticated unmanned traffic management system known as Skye UTM, which controls drone traffic, guarantees security, and promotes effective communication between drones and air traffic controllers.




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