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Easy Eats introduces a quick & healthy solution for new mothers

A mother’s start-up, re-introducing traditional Indian food for babies. ‘Easy Eats’ is a start-up that brings in a solution for parents to treat their children with a healthy and an enriched breakfast. While talking to Shruthi Jain in an interview with Incubees, she told us how she aims to give a solution to the mothers who don’t have the time to make something quickly for breakfast.

Incubees: Tell us about yourself and your journey.

Shruthi Jain: I am Shruthi Jain, founder of Easy Eats, also a mother of two.  I always wanted to make my loved ones proud. As a new mom, I struggled to find healthy food options for my own babies; I found my purpose: to re-introduce the traditional Indian foods for people at the most crucial stage of their lives – expecting mothers, breastfeeding mothers, infants and children who are beginning to develop their taste buds and also building their body that would frame a healthy life in future and also the grownups.

Incubees: A quick breakfast for the babies along with a chemical-free & a healthy diet, tell us how you came across this concept?

Shruthi Jain: We all have those mornings that are rushed and we do need to make something quick for breakfast. Most mothers don’t always have the time to make their quick health mixes at home, so we ensure we make their work easy and make these healthy mixes in small batches to retain their freshness and quality. We use traditional Indian Food Science to create delightful combinations of choicest food grains, cereals and dry fruits which provide naturally enriched food. We have beautifully recreated grandma recipes that can meet the daily nutritional needs of children and adults.

Incubees: Do you think COVID-19 has impacted your business in any manner?

Shruthi Jain: Covid-19 did not impact our business since our product has become an essential product for many of the children. We delivered our product through the Indian Post which was working during lockdown and didn’t make us lose any of the customers. Our products were also used for post COVID recovery by many.

Incubees: You are an inspirational woman and a mom, would you like to say something to the entrepreneurs out there?

Shruthi Jain: Building a business is hard. However, every entrepreneur must start somewhere. There is no magic shortcut to build a good business. It doesn’t matter when or where you start your journey. If you are good and hardworking, you will succeed. Trust yourself and keep going.

Incubees: Starting a business can be risky and a motivated team is an important aspect, tell us about your team and what keeps them going?

Shruthi Jain: No business is successful without the team effort. We have really very enthusiastic and innovative people in our team. Discussing new ideas and innovations with respect to our products keep the team motivated.

Idea Design Studio started as a Design Studio in 2012, in Bengaluru (India). We are a small team doing big things. We believe in creating impactful designs for products and services. Our approach is holistic and our aim is to provide a total solution. We help our customers build path breaking brands through the strategic use of design. Turning a home-made product into a mass production FMCG. The goal was a simple one, to catch the attention of the potential customers with the packaging design and a minimal logo. We had to stand out among other shelf products but still project a lovingly warm identity to the brand. The visuals show a parent monkey cooking happily for their little one, resembling our natural ingredients suitable for all ages and a happy family.

My husband has been an immense support too. He really made a sincere effort every day to take my dream forward. Throughout the ups and downs of life, he never left my side, standing like a rock, he might seem like the busiest person in the world or the least affectionate at times, but when it matters, he’ll drop everything for his family.

Incubees: How do you advertise your brand?

Shruthi Jain: Our first and best advertisement is the word of mouth by our satisfied customers. We also have started advertising through various platforms of social media.

Incubees: Do you have plans to raise funding to expand your business or would you let your business grow organically?

Shruthi Jain: Currently, we do not have any plans to raise funds. We would like to expand our company with self-generated funds. We would like to grow organically going further. Our team is working towards research of new products.

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