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Egyptian e-commerce startup Teegara raises pre-seed funding round

Teegara is a B2B2C e-commerce marketplace founded in 2019 by Ahmad Kayyali and Nader Ibrahim, with Ahmed Samir as the first investor. It intends to enable anybody trade, starting with small shops and social e-commerce merchants.

Teegara simplifies the purchase process and connects a vast pool of vendors and merchants through its digital platform.

The Alexandria Angels Network, as well as angel investors from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the Netherlands, led the startup’s pre-seed fundraising round.

“This is the era of B2B and social e-commerce, with millions of online merchants and small retailers. This market is eager for the kind of value that Teegara provides,” said Kayyali.

Many angel investors consider Teegara to be the emerging star of B2B2C e-commerce in Egypt, and soon the region, according to Loay El Shawarby, co-founder of Alex Angels.

“The team is brilliant and their expertise is immense. Their combined talent and maturity would surely turbocharge Teegara to meteoric growth! On behalf of Alex Angels, I am happy to announce our joining of Teegara’s pre-seed round. We look forward to partaking in Teegara’s growth journey,” he said.


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