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First Resonance Raises Fresh Round of Funding

Los Angeles: First Resonance, a Los Angeles-based start-up transforming manufacturing with a new Factory Operating System used by cutting-edge hardware companies, today announced a new round of funding led by Blue Bear Capital, which brings funds raised to date to more than $5 million. The new capital will be used to expand the First Resonance team to support the continued development of its unique approach to manufacturing, informed by the team’s background at SpaceX, NASA, Zoox, Toyota, and more.

First Resonance’s growing list of customers which includes Joby Aviation, Matternet, Cobalt Robotics, and Astra are not only inventing new types of products but also new ways to build them. The First Resonance Factory Operating System, ion, takes a fresh perspective on manufacturing. ion eliminates many of the needless and outdated structures for managing workflows, replacing them with flexible, connected, and data-driven workflows that this new generation of manufacturers taking on big challenges like climate change, congestion, and sustainability need to be successful.

After experiencing bottlenecks building modern hardware products using standard manufacturing processes, the First Resonance team set out to build a manufacturing platform to help engineers move quickly, collaborate with their teams efficiently, and make decisions automatically. Today’s factories have evolved from a mechanical, robotic, mundane workflow into an experiment factory where companies need to test new R&D alongside production workflows. Using First Resonance’s ion manufacturing platform, engineers can track information at a granular level to find answers quickly in a complex and dynamic manufacturing environment.

“First Resonance acquired over a dozen customers in 2020 as manufacturers looked for solutions to stay connected to their factories while working remotely and to get game-changing innovations to market faster and cost-effectively,” said Karan Talati, co-founder, and CEO, First Resonance. “This new funding will allow us to expand our team with people who are passionate about building the foundation for how manufacturers will take on huge challenges like electric-powered air travel, autonomous vehicles, sustainable agriculture, clean energy, and more.”


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