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Following strategic investment, Nigerian mobility startup Treepz launched in Kenya

Following strategic investment agreements that allowed Treepz, a Nigerian mobility company, to secure an extra US $1.2 million in the capital during the previous 12 months, Treepz has begun operations in Kenya.

Treepz was established in 2019 and operated a digital platform that allowed customers to schedule daily trips along predetermined routes until its relaunch in September 2021. It also acts as an aggregator for bus travel businesses in dozens of Nigerian cities, enabling transportation providers to switch from manual ticketing and servicing to digitalized offers and services.

After operating for a little over a year in Uganda and Ghana, the firm has now announced further growth in East Africa with a debut in Kenya. This most recent growth comes after recent investments in Treepz led by GIIG Africa Fund, MoAngels, Roselake VC, Unpopular VC, Goodwater Capital, and BKR Capital. Aston Investments, Novum Actus, ShockVentures, and Winston Limited, among other existing investors, made follow-up investments.

“This was made possible with the support we received from our current investors amid a turbulent 2022. After winning the GSA African Award in Cape Town last year, we received funding from its funding arm GIIG Africa Fund, and that was also very timely for us,” said Onyeka Akumah, co-founder and CEO of Treepz.

“Today, our efforts are focused on building a centralised solution across the four countries we operate in and to provide Africans with excellent mobility services, for their personal and business needs. We hope this will be the experience Kenyans will enjoy with our service and remember, as we build a world-class mobility business for Africans and the rest of the world.”

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), according to Jo Griffiths, co-founder of GIIG Africa, has increased the appeal of investing in mobility businesses like Treepz.

“These policies will result in a significant increase in the movement of people, goods, and services, and as such, there’s going to be an even greater demand in the coming years for mobility solutions built for the African context. As investors, we’re excited to be working with the team behind Treepz because we see mobility tech as a key enabling factor for Africa’s socio-economic growth. For now, we look forward to supporting their efforts aimed at empowering Kenyan commuters,” she said.




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