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Foundation Healthcare Holdings received $110 M from SeaTown Holdings

Foundation Healthcare Holdings, a medical organization established in Singapore, has received S$150 million (US $110 million) from SeaTown Holdings, a Temasek-backed company (FHH). SeaTown Private Capital Master Fund served as the vehicle for the investment.

When the transaction was finalized, FHH said that it had hired 50 private medical professionals in Singapore and had partnered with the local healthtech company Smarter Health. This, according to FHH, will serve as the cornerstone of its future regional private tech-enabled healthcare ecosystem.

The organization claimed that by utilizing Smarter Health’s technology, it would create a data-driven platform to enhance communication between healthcare stakeholders, particularly insurers and third-party payers.

In the future, FHH intends to extend into other auxiliary healthcare services and grow its network and coverage through a “buy-and-build” approach.




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