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Ghana’s Web 3 startup Mazzuma raised undisclosed funding from Adaverse

Mazzuma, a Ghanaian Web3 startup, has received undisclosed funding from Adaverse to launch MazzumaGPT, an AI-powered platform for building smart contracts.

Nii-Osae Osae-Dade and Kofi Genfi, two friends from high school, founded Mazzuma in 2017. It started out as a payments app but has since integrated blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to enter the Web3 space.

MazzumaGPT, an artificial intelligence-powered platform, is made to assist developers in easily creating smart contract code for Web3 decentralized applications. The tool accelerates the development and deployment of smart contracts by combining the strengths of AI and blockchain and allowing businesses to quickly explore new possibilities.

To assist Mazzuma in implementing the solution, Adaverse has contributed an undisclosed sum of money.

“Our entire ethos is to build tools that bridge the gap between the Web2 and Web3 ecosystems while leading the curve with the next technology frontier—artificial intelligence,” Genfi said. “We are proud to launch our new product, MazzumaGPT, and through our partnership with Adaverse, we have gained valuable access to the abundant resources within the Cardano ecosystem.”




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