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Grindstone accelerator invites SA startups to apply for its latest edition

Grindstone, a business accelerator in South Africa that provides chosen firms with access to a structured entrepreneurship development programme, is now accepting applications.

The Grindstone Accelerator is a structured entrepreneurial development programme co-owned by VC fund manager Knife Capital and Thinkroom Consulting and supported primarily by the SA SME Fund.

Grindstone Ventures, a ZAR100 million (US $6.5 million) fund committed to primarily investing entrepreneurs who have completed or are currently enrolled in the accelerator programme, was recently spun out.

“Almost a decade of growing businesses has realised an impressive alumnus that has raised just less than two billion rands in venture capital and exits,” said Will Green, the programme director of Grindstone, which fast-tracks innovative businesses and is searching for 24 South Africa’s most innovative and fastest-growing tech companies to join its programme.

Grindstone takes proven traction among South African SMEs through a year-long evaluation of their strategy and gaps.

“Grindstone experts provide these technology companies with all the necessary support to build a foundation for growth so that they become more investable, sustainable, marketable and exit-ready,” said Green.

The SA SME Fund, Absa, Deloitte, Google for Startups, AWS, Microsoft for Startups, and Webber Wentzel are among Grindstone’s partners.

“Together we’ve been able to make a real difference by knitting together a robust community of enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators into a robust ecosystem that is actively committed to growing talented entrepreneurs and their businesses,” said Green.

“Special mention must go to the SA SME Fund, who without their support, Grindstone and Grindstone Ventures would not have had the seeding and growth we have experienced as we grow acceleration into VC as an asset class.”

The deadline for applications is April 30th.




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