How to approach the best investors for your startup ‘online’

Raising funds is one of the most challenging and all-encompassing tasks that a founder can do to take their startup to its next milestone and ensure it lives to its full potential. It is a scary step – one that is full of rejections and can leave founders emotionally drained. Failure to raise capital could very well spell the end of a startup. After all, lack of funds is often cited as one of the reasons why startups fail.

In a healthy economy (read: pre-COVID), it was already difficult for startups to get noticed by investors, much less get a call or face-to-face time with them. Throw COVID in the mix – with the uncertainty and selectivity it brings, the drastic reduction in physical startup fundraising meetings and events, the subsequent pivot to “online” meetings – and those trying to raise in this climate need to ‘up the ante’ to get noticed by investors.

Here are some steps you can take to approach those investors online.

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