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Infomo announces a strategic alliance with KneoMedia Limited

Mumbai: Digital display marketing innovator, Infomo Global Pte Ltd (‘Infomo’), today announced a strategic and revenue sharing alliance in India with Australian and US-listed company and online education publisher, KneoMedia Limited (‘KNM’).

The strategic alliance will concentrate on the massive ‘after-school’ or ‘home-schooling tutorial & education enhancement market with the venture partners combining their respective strengths to strongly position the new venture within this highly profitable and expansive market sector.

Infomo has recently released its latest digital marketing platform version (‘Infomo R3′) that enables telecom carriers to host and offer a digital marketing ecosystem that comprehensively addresses many major problems faced by publishers and advertisers who are currently totally dependent on the programmatic advertising process. KNM is a SaaS publishing company that delivers world-class education and assessment products to schools and students (primarily at this time, into the US educational and schools’ system). Infomo has built up substantial, pivotal, and strategic ‘Network & Relationship’ alliances with many major telecom carriers across India and various countries in south-east Asia.

KNM offers story-based adventure and educational games as a creative learning and tutorial program for the younger, developing-age student (4 years to 11 years). KneoWorld’s technology, incorporating the ‘Connect all Kids’ program, has been designed to produce a high level of fun, engagement, and empowerment for young students who are drawn to the captivating, charming, and adventurous characters and the fascinating stories within the framework.

Indian families spend more money, as a percentage of household income, than other countries in the world, on the education of their children and are totally devoted and committed to improving the education and lives of their children.

In India, approximately 27% of the Indian population is made up of children under the age of 14 with more than 50% (circa 160 million) of that number falling into the 4 years to 11 years demographic – the ‘sweet spot’ for the KneoWorld tutorial and education program.

Infomo intends introducing the venture and the concept to its telecom carrier partners and inviting them into the venture to bundle in the KNM educational products as value-added-services to their vast subscriber networks.

The venture intends to expand its objectives into other countries where Infomo has multiple telecom carrier relationships. Infomo is a Singapore incorporated company with its major operational headquarters in India. Over the past 5 years, Infomo has developed plug & play ecosystem solutions to enable telecom carriers to deliver transformative ‘value-added services’ to the market.


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