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Innovate2PREVENT Innovation Contest invites applications from African startups

The Innovate2PREVENT Innovation Contest, which aims to encourage and inspire creative minds worldwide to develop novel, inclusive, and data-driven circular business approaches, is open to African startups.

The Innovate2PREVENT program, run by Yunus Environment Hub on behalf of the PREVENT Waste Alliance, enables forward-thinkers, innovators, and environmentalists to present and promote their creative solutions that support a circular economy in German Development Cooperation priority countries while keeping just transition principles in mind.

In the plastics value chain, it is looking for solutions that help phase out single-use plastics; in the product life cycle stages and value chains, it is looking for solutions that help extend product lifetime, close resource loops, or optimize resource efficiency through the reuse, refurbishment, or repair of electrical and electronic equipment; and in the circular economy, it is looking for solutions that integrate digital solutions and interoperable data models.




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