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IPHM Services raised seed funding from India Angel Fund

Mumbai: IPHM Services has succeeded in raising a seed round of funding from India Angel Fund, most of them Women Entrepreneurs, also first time angel investors.

New age healing assistance, IPHM Services (Integrated Personalized Healthcare Management), helps design programs and workshops for the psychological well-being of individuals and employees of large organizations.

Founded by Dr. Sachin Bhavsar, IPHM believes that the Heart, Body, Mind and Soul are four pillars of life and an integrated system that needs constant nurturing. Their services aim to assist individuals to reach their own potential by developing skill sets within them, pertinent for their good health, emotional and mental well-being.

An influx of funds would mean training more individuals, employees and aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their potential growth and increase general productivity within an individual. After all, all these aspects are interlinked and a positive push in any direction would enhance our own offering.

Speaking on this fundraise, Dr. Sachin Bhavsar, Founder – IPHM Services said, “While we have always believed in nurturing the four attributes for a healthy living, there is also very little awareness of the real-time applications and the rapidly evolving technological advances in the healthcare system. This infusion would mean creating cognizance at the grass-root level and would definitely ameliorate the overall health economy.”

Being a subject matter expert and an integral part of IPHM Services, Sneh Kulkarni, Co-founder – IPHM Services remarks, “There was always a need-gap between awareness about mental health and real-time use of technology in the healthcare system. We are now one world that has been connected digitally and therefore, it becomes easier to really understand societal structures and socio-economic backgrounds. This enables us to understand the different cultures that people come from, and offer a personalized approach to helping these individuals.”

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