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Kenyan Aircart launched online platform to allow customers sell digital products online

Aircart, a Kenyan company, has established an online platform that allows users to sell any digital goods using smart links.

Aircart is a shop for digital content providers, similar to international platforms like Gumroad, that allows users to submit a product, choose their chosen payment method, and immediately obtain a shareable link that they may directly earn from.

Shadrack Apollo, Wyclif Okwiri, and Hassan Kombo co-founded the firm, which is attempting to tap into Africa’s creative economy and reporting steady traction. Since its inception in June, the programme has been used by hundreds of people.

“Our key markets and the ones that have been driving most of the activity are India, the United States, Kenya and Nigeria. These four countries account for over 90 percent of our user base. We have plans to expand to more countries, and at the moment our concentration is on African countries,” Apollo told as per reports.

Aircart also has ambitions to develop an NFT marketplace in the future, and it intends to raise funding soon after being bootstrapped since its inception. The business takes a 10% cut of each sale made by an artist.




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