Breaking NewsIndian Beehive widens its reach to include NRI buyers struggling to find their ideal Indian wedding attire

For any NRI bride or bridesmaid located in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, or the Middle East, the search for the right Indian attire is ended. aims to meet the wedding and festive purchasing demands of the entire family. Everyone will discover an outfit or accessory that they require, whether it is the soon-to-be married couple, children, parents, grandparents, or relatives.

This company is establishing an unrivalled place in the enormous market of Indian ethnic wear customers overseas as an operationally ‘Make In India’ product with US established origins.

Particularly for those Indians who miss their homeland and are looking for their ‘Mitti ki Khushboo (scent of their soil)’ in the rich heritage, centuries-old customs, and traditional costume.

Lashkaraa observed that the epidemic had accelerated the global use of internet commerce. People are actually seeking for worthy design possibilities online, with a high rise in the strategy of purchasing two to three large purchases rather than several, small-scale purchases. The firm discovered that both new and regular consumers are purchasing higher-priced, high-quality clothing, as opposed to buying many lower-priced outfits before the outbreak.

They’re also getting more creative with how they re-wear an outfit, buying separate dupattas/blouses so they may dress the same outfit in a unique manner for a different event with a small but cheerful modification. As a result, the number of mix-and-match items in bespoke orders for the brand has increased. For example, in the customization of bridesmaid dresses, a $200 lehenga is supplied with a $60 blouse, allowing a fashion-forward bridesmaid to buy other blouses at a reduced cost to mix with the current pricey lehenga.

Ms. Sumeer Kaur, Founder/Director Lashkaraa Inc. explains, “We have positioned ourselves as an affordable luxury brand that provides discerning consumers in-house, exclusive designs of high quality at affordable pricing with quick safe deliveries. The biggest change we’ve witnessed so far due to the pandemic lockdowns was that couples came online to complete their wedding trousseau shopping. This led to our largest increase in custom bridal trousseau orders to date. We enriched our user experience by providing increased variety and have empowered customers with an unmatched ability to custom design their wedding outfits from the comfort of their home!”

It is well known that when it comes to wedding shopping, the bride/groom and/or their family frequently travel to India to finish their wedding trousseau shopping. However, owing to the devastating effects of COVID-19, travel was totally eliminated, leading to an increase in the number of couples purchasing their wedding attire online.

Every month, the company releases three to four new collections. As a result, every time a user views the website, there is a lot more to discover. The website, which is active with many new personalised designs and holiday deals, has just introduced collections.

With a unique blend of vintage and new-age, occasion-based or ceremonial wear, and an ever-expanding range of Salwar Suits, Sarees, Punjabi Suits, Churidar Suits, Anarkali Suits, Palazzo Style, High Slit, Lehenga Cholis, Gown Anarkalis, Kurtis, etc. available in a vast variety of fabrics such as Cotton, Cotton Blend, Silk, Tussar Silk, Georgette, Net.

Ms. Kaur concludes, “We are rapidly investing to grow our business through the globe as we are getting increasing orders every day from the farthest parts. We aim to leave a global imprint and to be accessible to both, a discerning woman or man in a small town in any part of the world like NYC, Toronto, Milan, London or Tokyo. They should be able to shop for Indian clothes online in Germany, Switzerland, South Africa, Mauritius, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and any other country. We already have a happy client base across more than 50 countries and will keep increasing our reach.”

With the growing desire for quality online shopping following the epidemic, now is the perfect moment to communicate this wonderful news, especially with relatives or friends who are getting married outside of India. can be the ideal Indian ethnic wear online buying destination that eludes many wedding consumers, with a wide range of alternatives and high-quality designs at reasonable costs and speedy delivery.



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