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Latest Venture for Africa bootcamp offering now accepting applications

For its second bootcamp offering, Venture for Africa, a talent community and top source for hiring top tech startups on the continent, is now accepting applications.

A community called Venture for Africa was founded to help top talent from around the world transition into positions within the African tech startup ecosystem. Its signature three-month fellowship exposes participants to local market nuances, provides expert-led training tailored to key roles, and connects them with top startups actively seeking new employees.

The organization collaborates with startups to develop its programs, which include projects that fellows can put into practice, workshops led by subject-matter experts, and a chance for fellows to be quickly interviewed for their ideal position after completing the learning activities.

Following the success of the first Fintech Product Management program, which is now in its second cohort, the Go-To-Market program is the most recent addition to the expanding VFA Bootcamp Series.

The goal of the 10-week Go-To-Market Bootcamp is to turn participants into growth assets by giving them a deeper understanding of the fundamental tasks and competencies required on the revenue side of the business. The program covers a wide range of topics, including market and customer research, competitive analysis, brand positioning and messaging, product/service pricing and adaptation, developing launch marketing strategies, forming alliances, creating a sales pipeline, and much more. Participants will be able to apply lessons from various fields to their own areas of expertise.

Participants will take part in weekly online masterclasses led by seasoned industry professionals pertinent to each topic, as well as readings, assignments, and practical fieldwork. We will explore stimulating deliverables, useful use cases, and interesting content to hone all the go-to-market skills.

Both those already employed in their field of choice and those looking to break into it are welcome to enroll in the program. The ideal participants are mid-level professionals with deeper experience working in marketing, sales, product, finance, or legal roles at an African tech startup who are looking to advance into more senior positions, as well as those with strong strategic and operational skills who want to gain more experience working in growth and revenue teams.

“The skills covered in the Go-To-Market Bootcamp are essential for core team members within any business looking to launch or scale in African markets. Since launching our Product Bootcamp last year, we’ve seen high demand for a similar offering in this space, and we’re excited to bring it to life, led by experienced talent from some of the best-known tech businesses globally,” said Venture For Africa co-founder Thea Sokolowski.

At the end of the bootcamp, Venture for Africa will use its extensive network to place participants who demonstrate they are excellent candidates for mid-level and senior roles in growth and expansion at top startups that are hiring.




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