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Mastercard Start Path Small Business programme opens applications for entrepreneurs

In order to provide entrepreneurs, the chance to work with the firm to develop solutions that deliver easy, secure digital experiences for SMEs, Mastercard launched its Start Path Small Business program.

Selected entrepreneurs will get the chance to use Mastercard’s network and SME knowledge over the course of the four-month program to find product alliances, expand their businesses, and power solutions that promote safe, secure, and straightforward experiences.

Startups that are developing cutting-edge accounting software, e-commerce solutions, lending platforms, payment technology, digital banking, and other services for SMEs are presently submitting applications to the program.

Selected firms will exhibit significant synergies with Mastercard’s strategy of empowering entrepreneurs throughout the world with digital payment solutions, data insights, and tools to manage their businesses more securely and effectively.

The deadline for applications is April 30th.




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