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Minus Zero unveils ‘ZPod’, paving way for India’s self-driving future

Minus Zero, an AI-based startup, specializing in autonomous driving solutions, has recently taken a significant step forward in shaping India’s self-driving landscape. The startup has unveiled their revolutionary autonomous driving car, the ‘ZPod.’

Commenting on their new launch, Gursimran Kalra, COO, Minus Zero said, “ZPod is merely a technological showcase of what we are trying to achieve. The motive is to reduce traffic congestion, as well as road accidents and the injuries and fatalities associated with them”.

He further added, “Bengaluru wastes 2.5 lakh liters of fuel every hour, every day, just in traffic, and all the costs of the inefficiencies when accumulated together lead to a whopping $22 billion of losses to a single nation over a period of one year.”

With this groundbreaking launch, Minus Zero aims to transform India into a new era of transportation by solidifying its position in the autonomous driving industry.

The Bengaluru based startup, Minus Zero, was founded in 2020 by Gursimran Kalra and Gagandeep Reehal. The startup aims to resolve key issues which include expensive hardware, need for data, and a navigation system through traffic. Minus Zero will work closely with regulatory bodies and the city planners in order to make a structured plan before releasing ZPod on the road officially.

The innovative launch of ZPod exhibits technological advancements and the kind of innovations taking place in the Indian startup ecosystem.  The ZPod comes with a sleek design and cutting-edge features while giving a deep dive into what the future of autonomous driving in India could look like.

The autonomous vehicle can be driven in any kind of geographical and environmental condition with the help of its camera suite. The ZPod will function through AI and will have zero intervention from humans. With the startup’s groundbreaking technology, the prospects for autonomous driving in India have risen immensely as the industry will gain traction and attract investors.


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