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National Handloom Expo 2023 to begin on March 11 in Hyderabad

From March 11 to 24, Peoples Plaza will host the National Handloom Expo-2023.

Dr. Buddhaprakash Jyoti, Commissioner, Handloom & Textiles and Apparel Export Parks, Telangana State, stated in a statement that the 14-day exhibition is organised by the Telangana Government in cooperation with the Development Commissioner for Handlooms, New Delhi.

The exhibition’s major goals are to promote the handloom industry and boost sales of handloom fabrics.

The Handloom Development Corporations of all the states and Union Territories in the nation, as well as the state/regional/APEX weavers’ cooperative groups, will take part in the National Exhibition.

The organisations will display a wide range of handloom goods from all across India and provide discounts of 20 to 30 percent during the exhibition.




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