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Not money but purpose drives a startup!

If you want to become a startup entrepreneur to earn money by creating an idea and selling it. You may succeed and you could fail too but you will not leave a legacy.

Being a startup entrepreneur is about a purpose. A purpose could be to solve a problem in society or provide a solution to a socio-economic necessity. It is in the purity of the intent coupled with a good business model that most startup entrepreneurs flourish.

There some people who looking at the idea of getting into startups being inspired or lured by the big greens flowing into the startup businesses in India and globally. While it is and should be inspiring, you only read about the success and not the failure in the startup businesses.

There is of course nothing wrong to fail in a startup business but it is certainly unwise not to learn from the failures of others and our own failures.

I believe a startup idea is a good as its founder. The world is not short of ideas, some extraordinary and revolutionary ideas have emerged from startups in India and startup firms globally. But the success of an idea in most cases has been due to its founders and their leadership prowess that drives an idea to success.

India is seeing a tremendous surge in startup innovations. Interestingly, these startup new phenomenal ideas are emerging in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. Unfortunately, it will take some time for their ideas to come to mainstream focus.

Innovation is driven by thought, not money. Money is a mere accelerator to make that thought into innovation and that innovation into a business.

Focus on innovation. Focus on solving the problem or coming up with the solution, there are many optimistic investors in India and internationally too but most of all the purposeful Indian looking for innovative ideas.

Money is never the problem for startups. An investor looks for two vital aspects – one is the resolute nature of the founders and two, the purpose behind the idea.

Find a purpose, you will find your startup. Find an answer, you will find your startup. Because it is not money that drives a startup but purpose.



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