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Ocean farming firm Sea6 Energy raises $9 million

Sea6 Energy, a large-scale and mechanized ocean farming company, announced that it has raised $9 million in its Series B investment round.

According to Sea6 Energy, the funding was spearheaded by Aqua-Spark, a Netherlands-based investment company focused on sustainable aquaculture. Silverstrand Capital, located in Singapore, also participated to the fundraising round.

The additional funds will aid the firm in increasing its raw material supply of seaweed. It will also allow the firm to increase its processing capacity by adding new facilities for the production of agricultural biostimulants and animal health products.

Sea6 Energy, based in Bengaluru, was founded in 2010 at IIT Madras.

Seaweed is converted into ecologically acceptable products for a variety of sectors, including agriculture, animal health, food components, bioplastics, and renewable chemicals, using the company’s unique methods. India and Indonesia are two countries where it operates.

Sea6 Energy had previously received Series A investment from Tata Capital Innovation Fund in 2015.


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