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Otto Digital led Seed funding secured by chat commerce enabler Mimin

Otto Digital, a division of the Indonesian conglomerate Salim Group, has provided seed funding to Mimin, an Indonesian startup that provides chat commerce solutions and virtual assistant services for businesses. Otto Digital made the announcement.

According to a statement from Mimin, Otto Digital, which is a member of the Salim Group, has a well-known MSME community and networks throughout Indonesia, which serves as Mimin’s main target market.

Mimin stated that it would use the additional funding to improve its technology infrastructure and order management software, as well as to provide MSMEs and online sellers with the newest products and features.

This action fits in with Indonesia’s current e-commerce environment, where social commerce (shopping through social media and chatting apps) is anticipated to increase by 17.9 percent yearly from 2022 to 2028.

According to Mimin, who cited a 2022 Populix survey, 86% of Indonesians have used social media and chatting apps to shop, including Facebook (10%), WhatsApp (21%), Tiktok Shop (45%), and Instagram (10%).

This pattern suggested that, in addition to setting up online stores on e-commerce platforms, the majority of online sellers in Indonesia use a variety of sales channels, such as selling through chat applications and social media.

Furthermore, it is mentioned that the typical seller controls social commerce transactions by manually entering orders, determining shipping costs, and collecting payments.

This method, though, can be time-consuming and subject to human error.

Mimin offers order management software and chat commerce automation to assist store owners in managing their operations effectively.

Sellers can easily input orders received through chat platforms using the Mimin platform, and the app will automatically produce invoices and payment confirmations.

With the help of this solution, companies can process orders more precisely and quickly by 70%.

Additionally, Mimin enables vendors to send out personalized and pertinent offers to previous customers.

“Based on our findings in the field, many buyers and sellers prefer conversational transactions, such as those conducted via WhatsApp or Instagram DMs. Mimin aims to assist online sellers by automating order processing, which saves time and effort, as well as enhances business growth,

“We also offer relevant insights to help businesses innovate based on processed transactions, so that they can innovate based on this valuable business acumen,” said Joseph Simbar, Chief Executive Officer of Mimin.

Online retailers can manage their stores more easily with the help of the Mimin application.

Businesses can process orders 70% faster thanks to its order management platform and commerce chat automation solution, which includes customer response, order input, and shipping.

The MSMEs in 20 provinces and 55 cities of Indonesia currently use the Mimin app, especially in the fields of homemade food and beverage (F&B), fashion, and daily necessities.




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