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Pune: TiE aims to nurture and develop the startup ecosystem

‘Nurture Programme’ is a programme run by TiE Pune which allows startups to refine their skills and their sales pitch which helps them get better while presenting to an investor.

Making a mark for themselves over the last 10 years in the startup ecosystem, the Pune wing of TiE was formed as a nonprofit organization by a global network of entrepreneurs. The programme is said to be changing the landscape of Pune’s startups. Pune was known to have tech-only startups but has now turned into physical businesses too with them being the backbone of startups. The presence of startups owned by women has also increased with the increasing presence edtech and FinTech sectors.

‘Nurture Programme’ is structured in such a way that it assists startups by training and grooming them. Startups go through rigorous training for six months which includes masterclasses, bootcamps and Gyaan sessions which are curated by the investors. The startups are then shortlisted and invited for the programme after the entire training process. Startups that are yet to hit the market and make a mark in the business world can also enroll themselves on the training.

Advait Kurlekar chairperson and a charter member of TiE Pune said “mentors ensure they provide time and value to the mentees who are assigned to them. This course has no hidden cost. However, the training is rigorous and we expect mentees to take it seriously. There are evaluations and a startup can be asked to leave in case they are found to be lax about their attitude.” The participating startups will get great exposure to the industry during the process of training.





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