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Ryde, Singapore-based mobility services firm announced rebranding as part of its growth plan

Ryde Sharing (Ryde), a Singapore-based mobility services firm, has announced a rebrand as part of its expansion strategy in the nation. The firm said in a news release that its new logo has softer edges for a friendlier appearance and feel, signaling its dedication to become a company that is accessible, friendly, and aware of the requirements of its passengers and drivers. It also has a geopin to represent Ryde’s company and mission. To appeal to Ryde’s greatest client group, Millennials, and Gen Zs, the new logo takes on a younger and more modern style.

Ryde began as a carpooling app, but it has now expanded its services to include ride-hailing and package delivery. “Driven by this overall growth in users across services, we are well on track towards achieving a market share value of more than 15 percent of Singapore’s ride-hailing market,” said Terence Zou, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ryde.


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