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SA personal finance startup FinMeUp raised undisclosed funding to expand operations

Personal finance companion FinMeUp from South Africa has raised an undisclosed sum of money, which, according to the company, will help it expand operations and improve user experience.

An education platform, financial advice, investments, insurance, and credit solutions are just a few of the many services that FinMeUp provides.

The startup, which operates as a community-based platform, is committed to fostering an environment where people can interact, learn from one another, and develop as a community. More than 15,000 people use the app, and there are over 80,000 community members.

FinMeUp’s mission to become the ultimate financial companion, from education to execution, will be advanced thanks to the undisclosed funding round, which was led by SAAD and Blu Sky Investments.

FinMeUp’s founder and CEO, Higgo van Biljon, claimed that gamification would enable it to improve user experience and create a dynamic learning environment that motivates users to actively participate in their financial well-being.

The creation and introduction of cutting-edge products, like the upcoming SnapMillion and Snap200 offerings, will receive a significant portion of the funding. For the vast majority of South Africans who haven’t yet secured their loved ones’ financial stability in the event of unforeseen circumstances, these new products are meant to act as stepping stones.




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