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Scale-up programme for Egyptian sustainability ventures launched by Endeavor

In collaboration with GIZ Egypt, Endeavor Egypt has started the scale-up program XceleRise to help startups that support sustainability gain access to capital and expand their markets.

The 15-month program is especially created to provide ambitious entrepreneurs with the market knowledge, business acumen, and priceless connections they need to expand their businesses internationally and raise capital.

XceleRise gives business owners the chance to connect with Endeavor’s extensive network of investors, mentors, and top industry figures. Participants will acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to navigate the complexities of international expansion and maximize their growth potential by utilizing the knowledge and direction of these important experts.

The program’s highlighted industries include waste management, agriculture, renewable energy, green buildings, sustainable transportation, and water management. Additionally, XceleRise places a lot of emphasis on assisting businesses that promote the growth of competitive businesses and the creation of new jobs, particularly in fields that are ecologically significant. These industries include those that support supply chains and the sustainable transformation of global supply chains, such as fintech, edtech, and e-health, as well as businesses in the logistics and smart city sectors.




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