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Selligion Technologies raised Rs 5 Cr Pre-series A funding from Malpani Ventures

Selligion Technologies, a maker of consumer cloud computers, has raised Rs 5 crore in a pre-Series A round. With an investment of Rs 3 crore, Malpani Venture is taking the lead in the round. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors from India, Singapore, and the USA are responsible for the remaining funds.

Alvin Tse and Prashant Priya, two startup founders, along with angel investors, co-led a seed round in which Selligion Technologies had previously raised Rs 3 crore.

According to a press release from Selligion Technologies, the money will be used for manufacturing improvements and research and development for the company’s upcoming phase of expansion.

Naman Chakraborty and Apeksha Mehta founded Selligion together in 2020. Praho is a direct-to-consumer hybrid cloud-based computer that Selligion conceptualized, designed, and developed. It aims to make it possible for every Indian to have access to reasonably priced computers and the opportunities they present. According to the company, Indian students will be the first to be able to study, learn, browse, and code using Praho for just Rs 399 or less. The Selligion Abacca OS is used by Praho.

By March 2024, Selligion Technologies claims that it will be able to reach more than 1 lakh students thanks to a multifold increase in manufacturing capacity. The company is about to offer advanced computers that are accessible and affordable to students across India through its subscription-based business model. By providing them with the necessary digital skills to pursue fulfilling careers, these devices will act as growth catalysts for their development.




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