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Sequoia led $6 M Seed funding raised by cybersecurity startup SquareX

A $6 million seed round led by Sequoia Capital Southeast Asia has been raised by cybersecurity startup SquareX.

According to a press release from SquareX, the company will spend the money raised on R&D, engineering, and go-to-market.

The startup is creating a browser-based cybersecurity product to keep users secure online under the direction of veteran cybersecurity entrepreneur Vivek Ramachandran. SquareX is addressing this issue by engineering a cybersecurity product from the ground up, specifically designed to combat the current generation of threats. The current generation of cybersecurity products is ill-equipped to combat cyber threats.

The platform acts as an extension for the browser and keeps an eye on and defends users during their online activities. These temporary container sandboxes powered by the cloud are headless browsers that operate on the user’s behalf in data centers to neutralize all web threats and prevent them from ever reaching the user’s computer.

Users of SquareX can also protect and maintain the privacy of their identities. Beginning in May of this year, the company will roll out a beta version of its solution for a select group of users.




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