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Shera Energy IPO scheduled for Feb 7, plans INR 35.20 crores raise

The initial public offering (IPO) of Shera Energy Limited, a company that produces wrapping wires and strips from non-ferrous metals including copper, aluminium, and brass, is scheduled to begin on February 7 and end on February 9, 2023. Shares of the company will be offered on the NSE Emerge platform and the company plans to raise Rs 35.20 crore through the IPO.

Up to 61,76,000 equity shares may be issued, of which up to 10,48,000 may be issued in a fresh issue, and up to 51,28,000 may be issued in an OFS.

Working capital needs will be satisfied as well as general company needs with the help of the IPO’s net proceeds. A statement made today revealed that the issuance would end on February 9th, 2023.




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