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Shipblu joins Y-Combinator’s Summer 2021 Batch pre-seed fund round

Shipblu, Cairo’s latest Last-Mile Delivery startup has just joined Y-Combinator’s Summer 2021 Batch closing its Pre-Seed funding round successfully. The round was led by Nama Ventures with the participation of Y-Combinator and angel investors from San Francisco, CA, and Saudi Arabia.

Founded in October 2020, ShipBlu is a fully integrated platform built to deliver a unique e-commerce shipping experience. Powered by its own AI and machine learning technology, ShipBlu dispatches fleets to deliver timely shipments, allowing customers to choose their preferred 3-hour windows and live track couriers across locations. ShipBlu also provides e-commerce fulfillment services, with planned fulfillment centers across all of Egypt.

Commenting on this promising achievement and expressing his thoughts on the platform, Ali Nasser, Co-founder & CEO, says “People are excited about shopping online in Egypt because it’s effortless and convenient. Unfortunately, a lot of times the delivery experience really puts people off. Some of it is due to a lack of infrastructure, some of it is due to poor resource management. At ShipBlu, we’ve solved both parts of that problem. We promise to deliver a shipping experience that customers will look forward to so that merchants can stay focused on what matters, and customers can continue to enjoy online shopping.”



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