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Silicon Valley led $250k investment secured by AI Startup VOX

The artificial intelligence (AI) startup VOX, which was founded in Malaysia, announced on Monday that it has integrated ChatGPT with and received a $250,000 investment from Silicon Valley.

According to a statement from VOX, the investment is intended to cover the platform’s operating expenses for the first 50,000 users, allowing the team to concentrate all of their efforts on innovating the user experience and workflows.

“To truly revolutionize workflows, we need to seamlessly connect to proprietary data sources,

“We are currently in discussions with various strategic partners to accomplish that,” said Simone, Chief Executive Officer of VOX.

In addition, he went into great detail about privacy and security being a foundational element of any development, given the sensitive nature of any organization’s data.

The average worker spends nearly five hours per day reading documents and emails in today’s world of people rushing between back-to-back meetings and only having small screens in their hands.

Sharly AI will therefore revolutionize productivity and free up professionals to concentrate on actual decision-making.

It stated that Sharly AI is thought to be a game-changer in a world where AI and generative applications are continuing to reshape industries.

VOX thought the company is on the right track to conquer the global market thanks to a potent combination of Generative AI-based technology, a relentless team, and ambitious goals.

A common issue is that it takes time to sort through information, which Sharly AI addresses. Key details are frequently obscured in lengthy documents, audio recordings, or videos.

“While ChatGPT and similar models provide simple APIs to connect to, they come with a lot of inherent limitations,” said Davide, the Chief Technology Officer of VOX.

“Our experience from previous products really helped to plug the holes, tune the model to be able to deal with thousands of pages while staying grounded in factual knowledge,” he added.




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