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Singapore-based Ease Healthcare secured US $1.3 M from Insignia Ventures Partners

Ease Healthcare, a Singapore-based women’s healthcare services business, has raised US $1.3 million in initial funding from Insignia Ventures Partners.

The XA Network also sent some high-profile members.

Ease Healthcare also released a smartphone app that allows users to arrange medical visits and preventative testing on the move, as well as make purchases and track contraceptives. It also allows users to manage important sexual and reproductive health indicators through personalised recommendations and material, as well as interact with the wider Ease user community via a community forum.

The cash will be used by Ease Healthcare to add new features, increase its workforce, and broaden the reach of its services. A portion of the funds will be used to create its own range of goods aimed at preventing and treating women’s health concerns such as vaginal infections, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), and urinary tract problems.

Guadalupe Lazaro, a serial entrepreneur and champion for sexual and reproductive health rights, and Rio Hoe, a lawyer-turned-entrepreneur, established Ease Healthcare in 2020.

As a couple seeking sexual and reproductive healthcare in Singapore, they were motivated by their personal experiences. The founder-couple identified four major hurdles to access sexual and reproductive health care after doing market research. They were the high expense of these services, the cumbersome process of setting appointments, scheduling testing, and receiving prescriptions, the lack of knowledge about this area of personal health, and the widespread shame associated with using them.

These problems are particularly frequent in Asia, where health education is less common. They point to a market of US $10 billion in APAC for neglected sexual healthcare and women’s care this year.

Ease’s first platform was introduced in 2020 to address these demands and market pain concerns. Consumers may speak with medical specialists, obtain and renew prescriptions in a quick and cost-effective manner, have medicine discreetly delivered to their doorstep within four hours, and learn more about managing their reproductive health using this platform.

The platform of Ease Healthcare operates in tandem with the company’s network of clinics, pharmacies, physicians, and laboratories around Singapore. New services like contraceptive and symptom tracking, customised insights, and a wide selection of relevant goods available for purchase have been added to the app, which complements and builds on the current capabilities.

Ease Healthcare says that its community has grown to 20,000 members in the last year.

The firm routinely distributes instructional information with its audience, ranging from the use of different contraceptives to early infection warning signs.

“Our new app brings us a step closer to becoming the go-to platform for all women’s health care needs. It will enable every Ease user to control their health and wellness by significantly reducing the impact of stigma, lack of education, inconvenience, and costs that burden traditional channels. The long-term goal is not just to tackle access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, but address the larger picture of women’s health through a truly comprehensive ecosystem of products and services,” said co-founder Lazaro.


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