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Startup Exhibition Showcases Innovative Ideas at Vishwavidyalaya Anusandhan Utsav in Delhi

The Vishwavidyalaya Anusandhan Utsav in Delhi hosted a startup exhibition on April 22 and 23, 2023 in order to provide a platform for startups to showcase their innovative ideas and products. Key attraction was the exhibition. It was organized by Vishwavidyalaya University.

The idea behind organizing this event was to promote research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. About 50 startups were featured at this event from various sectors, including technology, healthcare, agriculture, education, and finance.

Visitors in this exhibition had the opportunity to interact with founders and got a chance to get a first experience about their products and services. Startups had put a wide range of products at display which included educational apps, sustainable agriculture solutions and health among others.

Among many startups, there was one that stood out attracting attention was a healthcare technology company that had developed a wearable device to monitor the vital signs of patients remotely. The device, which uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms, can detect anomalies in the patient’s vital signs and alert the healthcare provider in real-time. They received several inquiries from hospitals and clinics interested in using their technology.

Apart from entrepreneurs, the event saw participation from various investors who gave in their inputs considering future funding rounds.

The aim of the startup exhibition at Vishwavidyalaya Anusandhan Utsav was to put light on how important entrepreneurship and innovation is in driving economic growth and creating social impact.


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