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The-Wolfpack debuts with US$5M fund targeting D2C startups in SEA

The-Wolfpack, an early-stage startup fund in the direct-to-consumer (D2C) sector, has announced its launch in Singapore.

Christened ‘The Wolfpack Pioneer VCC,’ the US$5 million debut fund is focused on helping early-stage startups in APAC to reach customers through smarter media and experience-first strategies.

The fund, which is fully subscribed, aims to be the venture partner of choice for startups in the consumer goods, leisure, and media sectors, requiring strategic capital to drive growth in nuanced markets across Southeast Asia and Australia.

It will work closely with founders to scale strategically with impact by leveraging on its industry network with key C-suite decision-makers in the region.

As per a press note, the team is in a deployment stage with an eye on eight to ten companies.

The-Wolfpack claims investments are made with portfolio synergy in mind to give companies opportunities to collaborate and cross-sell with others. Portfolio companies will also be invited to a quarterly session to have the opportunity for knowledge-sharing and gain insights from corporate partners and industry leaders.

In parallel, the VC firm is looking to raise a second fund targeted at more than S$20 million (US$14.90 million).

Furthermore, the team is eyeing an expansion into Thailand and has identified opportunities to bring their portfolio into the market and invest in early-stage companies there.

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